Perfecting the present, shaping the future

MAXIMIZE: Prophetic Coaching Program

When the prophet is present; the psychic is unnecessary. When you put your trust in the anointing that God entrusts His prophets with, you will be rewarded with the supernatural blessings that have been set apart just for you.


"Look, in this town there is a man of  God; he is highly  respected, and  everything he says comes true. Let's  go there now. Perhaps he will tell us what way to take." 1 Samuel   9:6


Don’t miss this exciting opportunity to search the mind and heart of God for this “NOW” season in your life. When you sign up for the Maximize Program, you can expect deep prophetic intercession and prophetic insight.


  • There are divine answers for your elusive questions.
  • There are new heights for your next level.
  • There strategic decisions you can no longer hold back from making.
  • There are gifts and talents that need to be released.
  • There are dreams that must materialized.
  • There are ideas that must be birthed.
  • There are spiritual and mental strongholds that must be broken.
  • There is a fountain of blessing for you to soak in.

"As your prophetic coach, we will embark on an intensive personal journey towards re-thinking, re-doing and re-living to the "God-Kind-Life" you were destined to live. The three weeks are a powerful mentorship process to give you prophetic guidance, spiritual edification, natural tools and principled prayer." Sandra Lugo


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"Don't  leave  your  life to chance."


"Together we will seek the heart and mind of  God for this   season. There is a  "Now"  word for your life."

Sandra Lugo



There is a prophet in the land.


Maximize  your life with a  personal
empowerment program like no  other with   Sandra Lugo.  Sandra is an ordained prophet, licensed minister and has over 20 years of dream interpretation expertise.


The sessions are confidential, insightful and  empowering.


Eagle eye, acute discernment,  shocking  accuracy of  dream  interpretations, strong impartation signs  and wonders following.  Inspired, personally empowered, forever changed are just a few of the  words used to describe what multitudes of 
people say about how they have been impacted  by the prophetic gift in this powerful  woman of  God. 


WOW! The coaching I have received has been life changing. It has caused me to seek the face of God more than I ever have in my life. The Lord   Has   really been bringing to light the areas that need to change for me to advance to that next level with Him and that is exactly what I was hoping  to get   out of the coaching. Sandra is extremely accurate and such an inspiration!   She has provided a safe and confidential environment for me to express some very deep hurts that I have gone through. She has sought the Lord about   the situation and just weeks later   making great  strides in   an   area  that   has been a stumbling block for me for almost 5 years!" ~ CE